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Duo Landini

Belgian top classical musicians – violinist and viola-player Jenny Spanoghe –  and composer, pianist and organist Jan Van Landeghem – are Duo Landini.

Duo Landini is extremely successful with their strong interpretations, unique choice of programs and one of a kind musical symbiosis. They like to alternate works by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart with romantic music as Rheinberger and Mendellsohn, César Franck and De Boeck.

Duo Landini performs worldwide contemporary music and adapts classical music into new compositions.

Jan Van Landeghem

Dr. in the Arts, composer, organist, harpsichord player, member of the Royal Belgian Flemish Academy for Arts & Sciences and piano accompanist, Jan Van Landeghem studied at the Brussels and Maastricht Conservatoires. Jan obtained a First Prize with Greatest Distinction in Composition and obtained Solo Organ Diploma. He is closely associated with Karel Goeyvaerts, one of Belgium’s leading proponents of new music. Karel’s vision on Jan? … “A truly composer of great originality.”

Jenny Spanoghe

 Jenny Spanoghe is a celebrated Belgian concert violinist and violist. She has formed and headed a number of musical ensembles. Jenny partnered with distinguished pianists as Daniël Blumenthal and Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden. Since 2000 she successfully records, performs concerts and gives lecture-recitals with organist, harpsichord player and composer Jan Van Landeghem.

Jenny is a poikilotechnès, one who practices various branches of art. Feel free to explore Jenny’s paintings and drawings and discover her poems and haiku’s.

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