Chamber Music

by Jan Van Landeghem

“Tres danzas festivas” for flute and guitar (1987), edition DMP – international prize new editions USA – “Birds” for recorder quartet( (1989)

“Grappa ma non trappa” for clarinet quartet (1989) – “Silent Scream Quartet” for strings quartet (1991), created at KMC Brussels by Arriaga String Quartet – Awarded with the international ‘Prix de la musique contemporaine Flandre-Québec’ – Montréal, Canada, 1995.

“Sanpaku” for recorder quartet (1992)

“Essere o non essere” for b-flat clarinet and piano (1992), edition De Haske, ‘Nieuwe muziek’ Walter Boeykens – also available for bass clarinet.

“The Jericho Wall” for trumpet and piano, also for trumpet and organ (1992), Edition Metropolis, Antwerp

“Carpe Diem” for brass quintet (1993),

“Epitaffio for King Baudouin Of Belgium” for trumpet and organ (1994)

“Aquarioso” for 8-12 trumpets(1994),

“Quartettsatz” for flute, viola and harpsichord(1995)

“Pastorale notturno” for clarinet and organ (1995)

“Gipsy Music” suite for violin and guitar (1996) Edition Metropolis, Antwerp

“Music for Flute or Recorder and Marimba” (1996) – creation of the version for Flute and Marimba (1 oktober 1999) by Elke Tierens (flute) and Jan Cherlet (marimba) at the attic of Ter Dilft Cultural Centre – Bornem, Belgium

“Trio nr I” –   for violin, cello and piano (1996)

“Three Cristals for Four Trumpets”  (1996)

“Concerto Grosso Modo for Nonet” – (1997) – String Quartet 1 Recorder Quartet + 1 Percussionist or String Quartet + Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon and Percussionist

“Marcatissimo” piano quartet (1997-98) pno/vno/vla/vc; creation piano quartet 

“Marcato” Festival of Belgian Composers (Brussels) – First Prize “Composer of the year 2000”, Ramsgate Spring Festival International Contest.

“Bonus malus 22” for double saxofone quartet (1998)

“Spielerei II” for recorder and harpsichord (1998) – edition Chantraine

“Reynaert de Vos” (1999) for woordwind dixtuor and 1 percussionist – CD recording in September 1999 at Galaxy Studios in Mol (Belgium – Versie II with reciter in an arrangement Walter van den Broeck ( Bornem) – 24th of September 1999 at Flanders Festival

“Flowermusic” for violin and piano (1999) – Creatio “Rode Pomp” Ghent by Kristien Roels (violin- and Bohuslav Jan Strobel (piano) – June 1999

“Guernica” for cello and piano (1999) -“Trio vertigo” for violin, clarinet and piano (1998) version 2 with viola, clarinet and piano (1999)

“Two pieces for two marimbas” (1999) Sohum & Shakti – Edition Percussion Music Europe

“Quasi uno minuto unisono” for viola and cello (15th of April 2000)

“Les tambours d’antan” for songs for mezzo, flute and 2 percussion players – Lyrics “L’autre rive” Anton van Wilderode (2000) – Creatie of 3 songs (1,2,3) in Beveren, Belgium (March 2001)

“Six Meditations” for oboe, (english horn), bassoon, cello and double bass for the Boenix quartet (October 2000)

“African music” for recorder quartet (commissioned by “4 op ’n rij”) – 2000-2001, Sint-Agatha Berchem

“O guardador” for 2 flutists, 1 percussionist and narrator ad libitum (can be used for ballet)

“L’invisible pour les yeux” for violin and organ (2002) – first performance at Overijse and Kortrijk (2002 – Belgium) – Consists of: Les étoiles, Le prince, La rose, Musette (Le Renard) and Eclats de lumière 

“Verhaeren Quartet”  for string quartet – first performance on the 17th of November by Jenny Spanoghe, first violin of the Verhaeren quartet 

“Jiva” trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon – first performance 2004 – Festival Walter Boeykens, Bornem, Belgium

Piano Trio nr. 2” for piano, violin, cello – December 2004 – Eisenhuttenstadt , Germany 

“Ballad” for two pianos – first performance February 2005, Music Academy, Bornem, Belgium 

“Cosmic Energy” for four harps – October 2006 – First performance Harpe Diem 

“Aquarius Music” for violin and harp – February 2006 – First performance Harpe Diem 

“The Kundalini of the Playing Koalas” for 2 Marimbas – Set Piece of the Universal Marimba competition Belgium, 2007

“Verhaerentriptiek”  for viola and piano, 2007  

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