Recordings as composer

by Jan Van Landeghem

”Birds” – Flanders Recorder Quartet, CD Vox Temporis – CD92 OO4

“Carpe Diem” The European Brass Quintet, – CD Pavane ADW 7294

“Aquarioso” – Flanders Trumpet Choir, – CD DiGi Classics DC 9410002

Toccatella on “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme” , Choir Rondinella, LP

“Zen”from “Sanpaku”- Flanders Recorder Quartet, CD ‘Meister van Morgen’, Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung, Herdecke, Germany

”Jobutsu” performance by Geert Van Gele, CD Vox Temporis – CD92 031

“In One Salutation to Thee” – from “Four Poems for Choir”, performance by Ensemble Voca Lisa, CD BRTN Radio 3 – ‘Twintig jaar koorleven in Vlaanderen’, – CD1536

“M&L orgels” – CD CODO21-97/1 – Partita about “Ruk open Heer de hemelpoort”, K.D.’Hooghe, organ

“Tres Danzas Festivas” – Cherubini Koen Brouns (flute) and Jurgen De bruyn ( guitar)

“Towards The Sea” – B&B 1999 -“Gezelle triptiek,” Phaedra, 1999

“Reinaert de vos” – brass dixtuor and 1 percusionist by ‘I Solisti del Vento’, recorded at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium –  I Solisti del Vento 99-01.

“Stad in de tijd” 1900-1944 Millenniummusic Gate Productions V.Z.W. – consists of ‘Time is money’, ‘Wartensions I’, ‘Fancy-fair’ and ‘Wartensions II’ – Symphonic Orchestra City Academy for Music, Word and Dance

“A Turkish bumblebee”Serie Festival Walter Boeykens (2000)

“Marcatissimo” – Marcato pianoquartet René Gailly – CD87 177 – Contemporary Flemish Composers 2000

“Quasi uno minuto unisono” – Miniatures for Archipel, 25 contemporary Flemish composers (Pieter Stas, Vc; Chris Matthynsens, Vla)

“Vertigo” – Trio per viola, clarinetto & pianoforte / Ensemble notabene Geert Baeckelandt ( clarinet), Marc Tooten (viola) and Paul Hermsen(piano) – TODAY (2002)

“Quasi uno minuto unisono” – for viola and cello – Miniatures for Archipel, 25 contemporary Flemish composers (Kris Mattynsens, altviool and Pieter Stas, cello) (2001)

“Reiki” – for flute and marimba – “Intermezzo” for horn and harp – 3 pieces for clarinet and piano (Marc Van Hoorick/ Jan Van Landeghem) – CROSS OVER CD 2002 – Laureates and Teachers of the Academy for Music, Theatre and Dance, Bornem, Belgium.

“Three Cristals for Four Trumpets”  – trumpet quartet

“Franck/Van Landeghem”  – Duo Landini – Pavane ADW 7490 – L’invisible pour les yeux (2005) 

“Concertino for Two Marimbas and Six Percussionists” – Robert McCormick (conductor) and the McCormick Percussion Group (2006)

“Sohum & Shakti”  – (17’3’’) – Axoum New Music for Two Marimbas – TA CD001, Elwira Slazak, Gabriel Collet     

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