the art of painting

by Jenny Spanoghe

“The basis of Jenny’s work is a lyrical abstraction in an almost fauvist coloration. This background provides the environment for figuration that is currently developing in form as well as content.

First primal shapes with a cosmic meaning such as circles, triangles and squares are dominant. Thes gradually become antropomorfous. Later on we see African masks and heads appear in bright and deep colors. They are the bearers of intense emotions. The predominant color sets the tone: light and elated or dark an oppressive.

The shape language’s complexity and the coloration grow with the development of a brush technique that leads to a powerful and dynamic release of numerous emotions. This expression of emotions is essential in her work. The passionate and tormented faces corroborate this fact, and the evolution is set: figures appear in organic unity, female nudes and horsemen make their entry. And of course music is never far away in her work. It reveals itself in the themes of dance, the violin as an instrument and the figure of the violinist. They radiate the intensity of the musical performance, her great passion for music and her love for the instrument, which is sometimes almost cherished as a child. The relationship between a mother and her child is not far off.”

Andre De Gieter Рtranslation by Michile De Gieter


“Capturing explosions of colourful resonance,

Canvassing innocence with wild abandon,

Carefully proclaiming gentle murmurations of heart and time.”

Marjan Mondt – Master at Law – painter – poet

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